Used equipment that no longer meets the standards of modern hospitals can be used by hospitals with poor equipment in developing countries. If this equipment is donated to these communities then lives can be saved and the health of thousands of people can be improved.

Thousands of pacemakers and defibrillators that are removed from bodies in western countries to avoid explosions during cremation are destroyed. These items are perfectly operational parts for other patients, and should be donated to those in need.

In some hospitals they perform surgery in the light of a petroleum lamp, using a door as the operating table. Simultaneously we scrap hospital equipment that no longer matches the high standards of our hospitals.



Wheelchairs are scrapped due to small defects, as it is not cost beneficial for us to repair them. These could be repaired for a low cost in other countries and would be appreciated by patients in poor equipped hospitals.

Simultaneously, empty containers are shipped to developing countries, so they can return with raw materials and labor-intensive atricles. These containers might as well be used for transporting secondhand equipment to communities in need.






Secondhand Saving Lives is a not profit organization that strives to obtain usefull secondhand equipment and ship it to the developing countries.



2016: We aim to complete two pilot projects 

2017: The experiences form our pilot projects are evaluated, the concept is modified and our future profile are presented. We strive to supply 5-8 3rd world hospitals, and to extend our activities to other western countries.